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April 25, 2012

What is Debris Removal Coverage?

It’s hard to imagine the magnitude of the debris that can result after the total destruction of a home or business property. And while the amount of debris may be hard to visualize, it’s much more difficult to imagine how toxic some of the building materials and contents may be after they’ve been broken down and, in some cases, burned.

While debris removal may sound simple in concept, the combination of hazardous materials, environmental laws, and chemical changes due to fire or water exposure can create a maelstrom of difficulties, which is why it’s so important to make sure it is included in your home insurance policy.

How Insured Debris Removal Works

Your home insurance policy can include coverage for debris removal if the debris is caused by an insurable incident. Your policy may not cover the removal of hazardous materials unless it specifies that it does. Debris removal coverage limits are often relative to the payable claim amounts for the entire loss itself. But your policy may include an additional allowance per occurrence in the event that the debris removal is particularly tricky and expensive.

No Damage—No Coverage

It’s important to note that debris removal is not limited to the debris created by the structure when it is damaged during an insurable incident. Your policy may also cover the removal of trees, limbs and other objects as long as they damaged your main structure. If the debris messes up your yard or causes damage to one of your other structures such as a detached garage, fence or shed, your home insurance policy will likely not cover the expenses you experience when you have the debris removed.

If you aren’t sure whether your home insurance policy covers debris removal or would like to discuss options and limits, give us a call. (800) 807-6871. Or complete our online Contact Us form and we will get back to you!

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