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Pet Insurance in Roseville, CA

Pet insurance helps add a layer of financial protection if your pet becomes ill and needs medical attention due to a covered condition or sickness.

Pet insurance coverage varies widely depending on the company you choose. Pet parents can contact Cliff Cottam Insurance in Roseville, California, to learn more about your pet insurance options.

How Pet Insurance Works

Many pet insurance policies work much like human health insurance policies and include basic coverages, including some congenital and hereditary conditions and injuries. Each plan has different prices and provides various potential benefits. You may be required to submit your pet’s medical history to get coverage.

If you want pet insurance, you’ll pay a monthly premium whether you need medical care for your pet or not. Your policy should provide detailed information about which services are covered and whether you can use a veterinarian of your choice. There may be an annual limit to the expenses the pet insurance company will pay. Your agent can help you understand your deductible, rate of reimbursement and which expenses are covered.

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Under the right circumstances, it may make sense to purchase pet insurance. However, there are a few things to keep in mind as you shop around for the best pet insurance policy.

Many pet insurance companies require you to pay 100% of the costs of veterinary care up front. Some plans require you to get preapproval for certain types of care and procedures. To make a pet insurance claim, you’ll submit a detailed receipt from your pet’s medical providers. The pet insurance company will review your claim and upon approval, will reimburse you as outlined in your policy.

Pet insurance plans generally reimburse a certain percentage of covered services after you meet your plan’s annual deductible.

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

Each pet insurance provider sets rules about the coverage provided by various plans. In general, pet insurance may cover:

  • Unexpected illness coverage for conditions such as parvovirus, hip dysplasia or cancer
  • Surgery like cataracts or cruciate ligament tears
  • Prescribed medications
  • Emergency vet exam fees
  • Tests like MRIs, x-rays and blood tests


Some pet insurance plans may also cover:

  • Chiropractic care
  • Hospital boarding
  • Alternative therapies
  • Behavioral modification
  • Lost pet advertising
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Acupuncture


What Pet Insurance Covers Pre-existing Conditions?

A pet insurance company generally provides illness and accident coverage but does not cover pre-existing conditions. Your pet insurance may also exclude coverage for preventative care, spay or neuter surgery, wellness exams, vaccinations and any other stated exclusions.

Get Pet Insurance Today

Under the right circumstances, a pet insurance policy can help provide a financial safety net if an unexpected vet bill could cause future financial hardship for your family. Contact the pet insurance experts at Cliff Cottam Insurance today to learn more about this type of coverage and get a pet insurance quote.

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