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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get an insurance quote?
It’s easy!  Just click on Get a Quote for a complete listing for your auto, home, business and more.  Just fill out the form and click submit.  One of our representatives will contact you right away!

You can get a “real time” online quote for Auto insurance from our Auto Home Page.  You will know instantly how much you will pay for Mercury, Progressive or American Collectors Insurance.

If you simply don’t want to complete any forms, just call us for a free consultation at (800) 807-6871.

How can I pay for my insurance?
We have several payment options available.  We accept cash, checks, American Express, Discover, Master Card, Visa, or a Debit Card with a Master Card or Visa symbol.  For your convenience you can pay online by clicking Make a Payment. 

How to file a claim
You can file a claim directly with your insurance company online 24/7.
Click Customer Service Forms and then, follow the instructions for the company you have your policy with.

If for any reason, you need further assistance, just give us a call, send us an email, or complete the General Inquiry form on our “Contact Us” page.

We will be there to represent your interests in dealing with the insurance company if you should need it!

How can I lower my insurance premium?
There are several ways to save dollars on your policies. You may receive a multiple discount if we insure your:

  • auto and home (owned or rented)
  • more than one vehicle, or
  • business liability and commercial auto

Let us know if you qualify to receive any of the below discounts to lower your premiums.

Auto insurance
Good Driver Discount
Your cost will be less for years of safe or accident-free driving.

Multiple Car Discount

When you insure more than one vehicle, a discount will be applied.

Safe Car Discount
Cars equipped with factory installed airbags, seatbelts, anti-lock brakes, approved anti-theft devices, or any disabling after market alarm system (such as LoJack, Teletrac or OnStar) will reduce premiums.

Good Student Discount
You will qualify for a discount if you’re 25 years or younger, unmarried, and a full-time student with a “B” grade point average or better.

Defensive Driver Discount
If you are the principal driver of your insured car and are 55 years or older, your premiums can be reduced by completing an approved defensive-driving class.

Home insurance
Increasing your deductible
This can reduce your premium up to 20%. However, keep in mind that if a loss occurs, you will need to pay more for the claim. Let us assist you in making the right decision for your personal situation.

Installing a home security system
Smoke detectors, security systems, deadbolt locks, storm shutters and fire-retardant roofing can help you lower your rates.

Reviewing your home’s replacement cost
You can insure your home and its possessions with two types of coverage: Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value.
Replacement cost coverage replaces your home and possessions with brand-new items of equal quality.
Actual cash value replaces your home and personal possessions, minus the depreciated value.
Replacement cost coverage will cost you more, but it will also pay out more should a loss occur.

How can Cliff Cottam Insurance Services website help me?
Our website is an easy and convenient way to take care of all your insurance needs 24/7.  You can request:

  • Changes to your current policy(s)
  • Get quotes
  • Make payments, or
  • Ask any insurance question

What educational information or resources are available?
We have great information available directly on our website to help you make informed decisions.

On our Insurance Company Links page you can:

  • Study for your drivers test
  • Find out how much your car is worth
  • Get tips for first-time home buyers or renters
  • Find a home online

Why should I switch from my current insurance company to an Independent Agent?

By considering an Independent Agent, you are able to make ONE phone call to shop the different markets.  We have several companies to choose from.  If you have been with one company for several years, you may be surprised to see what other insurance companies can offer you.

Another advantage to placing your insurance with an independent agent, is that we can represent your interests when conflicts arise between you and the insurance company.  We will be there to resolve a claim or payment issue if necessary.

We can also place hard-to-insure business as well as any other type of business.  Here are some examples.

Auto: Whether you have a perfect or bad driving history which may require SR 22 insurance, we will find a company that fits your situation.

Home: We provide insurance for brand new homes, older homes of any value, vacant homes, and vacation homes.

Business: We can provide any type of commercial coverage for any type of industry.

Contact Us for a free consultation today!

What should I know before buying insurance online?

Buying insurance online is fast, easy and can save you time.  However if you have not spoken to us regarding your personal situation, we would like to chat with you first.

We want our clients to make informed decisions to ensure that they have the greatest coverage within their budget.  At times, we have experienced instances where people have not been fully protected because they focused soley on the price without thought to their limits.  Unfortunately, it is only when they experience a loss that they realize the full impact of their decision.  Let us help you to assess your risks to find an insurance plan to meet your personal situation.  Your property and assets are too important to “unknowingly” put them at risk.  Read more at:  http://www.insurancetipstoday.com/insurance_tips/insurance_brokers.htm

Should I consider a personal umbrella liability policy?
An umbrella insurance policy, also know as excess liability, provides an additional layer of liability insurance coming into effect once the underlying limits are exhausted or the retention level is met. This single policy acts as an “umbrella” over all of your other personal liability policies (home, auto, boat, RV, etc.) so you have a higher personal liability limit than what would otherwise be available.  This protection will “kick-in” when the liability on other current policies have been exhausted.  Consider this scenario:
  • Your home is insured for $500,000 in liability coverage.
  • A person has a serious accident on your property and you are sued for $ 1.5 million dollars.
  • This results in a gap in coverage amounting to $1 million dollars placing your home, wages, and investments at risk.

With an additional $2 million in umbrella insurance, your assets are fully protected.

What is a Business Owners Policy?
This is a policy designed to provide many types of coverage under one policy such as business auto, liability, and property.  It is designed for small to medium sized businesses that are specialized.  Such as Artisan Contractors, Janitorial, Landscape Contractors, Beauty/Nail Salons, and Restaurant or Deli’s.  To complete a request for a free quote, simply complete our short BOP insurance quote form or call us today!

What is Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance protects you against financial loss if you have an accident. It is a contract between you and the insurance company. You agree to pay the premium and the insurance company agrees to pay your losses as defined in your policy.
Auto insurance provides property, liability and medical coverage:
  • Property coverage pays for damage to or theft of your car.
  • Liability coverage pays for your legal responsibility to others for bodily injury or property damage.
  • Medical coverage pays for the cost of treating injuries, rehabilitation and sometimes lost wages and funeral expenses.
An auto insurance policy is comprised of six different kinds of coverage. Most states require you to buy some, but not all, of these coverages. If you’re financing a car, your lender may also have requirements.
Most auto policies are for six months or a year. Your insurance company should notify you by mail when it’s time to renew the policy and to pay your premium.
Why should I have auto insurance?

It’s really all about protecting yourself financially.

  • If you’re in an accident or your car is stolen, it costs money, often a lot of money, to fix or replace it.
  • If you or any passengers are injured in an accident, medical costs can be extremely expensive.
  • If you or your car is responsible for damage or injury to others, you may be sued for much more than you’re worth.
  • Not only is having insurance a prudent financial decision, many states require you to have at least some coverage.

What is homeowner’s insurance?
Homeowners insurance provides financial protection against disasters. A standard policy insures the home itself and the things you keep in it.

Homeowners insurance is a package policy. This means that it covers both damage to your property and your liability or legal responsibility for any injuries and property damage you or members of your family cause to other people. This includes damage caused by household pets.

Damage caused by most disasters is covered but there are exceptions. The most significant are damage caused by floods, earthquakes and poor maintenance. You must buy two separate policies for flood and earthquake coverage. Maintenance-related problems are the homeowners’ responsibility.

Why do I need homeowner’s insurance?

It is really all about protecting yourself financially if something unexpected happens to your home or possessions. That’s important because chances are your home is likely one of your largest investments.
  • If your home was destroyed by fire or damaged by a natural disaster, you’d need money to repair or replace it.
  • If a guest in your home is injured, liability protection and medical coverage help pay expenses.
  • If you are a victim of theft and vandalism, it can reimburse you for your loss or pay for repairs.
  • If you are still paying for your home, your lender will require insurance.
It is important to know that homeowners insurance is meant to cover unexpected damage, not routine maintenance. Ask your agent to talk about what is covered and be sure to read your policy so you know exactly what’s included and what is not.

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