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July 25, 2016

Tips for Preventing Motorcycle Theft

Since motorcycles are smaller and lighter than cars, your bike may become a target for theft. Fortunately, there are plenty of steps you can take to make your motorcycle a less attractive target. Generally, thieves choose bikes that they can get away with in a matter of minutes—or even seconds. Making your motorcycle more complicated and time consuming to steal may spare it from theft. Try some of these tips.

  • Always lock the ignition and remove the key before walking away from your bike.
  • When parking, try to find an open, well-lit area near security cameras. If you park in dark areas and/or between tall cars, it could provide hiding places for thieves to lurk.
  • In addition to choosing your parking spot wisely, you can also use a bike lock or tether your motorcycle to a stationary object like a post, fence or even another motorcycle if you’re traveling with buddies.
  • If you use a motorcycle cover, choose one that’s a neutral color to avoid drawing extra attention to your bike.
  • At home, park in a garage or shed whenever possible. If you must park in the driveway, install a motion-sensor light nearby to ward off potential thieves.
  • Installing a tracking device on your bike can help with recovery if it does get stolen, despite your best efforts.
  • Keep your bike’s title, registration and insurance in your wallet rather than on the bike itself. This helps verify ownership; plus, it also makes it more difficult for thieves to sell a stolen bike without this information.

While you can do your part to deter theft, you can never completely eliminate the risk. Make sure you have a good motorcycle insurance policy, which can reimburse you for losses if your bike does get stolen.

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