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June 14, 2011

Riding In Cars With Boys or Girls – Which is Safer?


Are you better off in a car with a male or female behind the wheel? The answer: It depends more on the person in question, but on the whole you’re better off with the female.

Last year, the New York Times published “Why You’d Rather Ride With a Woman Than a Man,” part of a series by Freakanomics blogger Eric A. Morris on the differences in the sexes behind the wheel all over the world. The articles support the following statement: men are more likely to ignore traffic laws.

Morris writes that men are three times more likely to honk their horns, more likely to “rudely gesture at or verbally abuse other drivers” and more likely to be involved in tragic, massive accidents (on the road and off).

Surprise, surprise. I could have told you that just from living six years on a Manhattan street two blocks from a strip of car washes, garages, auto parts stores and a gas station. It’s not Lisa or Jennifer racing and leaning on horns below my bedroom window at 3:30 AM during the summer, nor is it Betty whose front fender is half an inch from my rear end when I’m stuck behind a dented minivan doing 40 MPH on the West Side Highway.

Growing up in a two-car family with two working parents, it was always better to ride with mom, who only had one fender-bender during my entire childhood.

Dad, on the other hand, was probably one of the worst drivers in the state of New York, but not because he was aggressive, competitive or a risk-taker. He was just, like many drivers, clueless. When he lowered the car radio’s volume knob, twisting it to the left, the car would veer over the double yellow line; if he raised it, the car would wander right towards the guardrail or the woods.

As it turns out, Dad might have been an anomaly. The data shows that the reason why men tend to break the rules more is an ingrained sense of biology, reaching back to early concepts of male and female roles. The male brain, hard-wired to hunt and kill, favored the bold and the brave.  Read more:

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