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June 26, 2018

Keep Tabs on Young Drivers with GPS Car Trackers

Keep Tabs on Young Drivers with GPS Car Trackers

Tracking teen drivers is always essential. Many parents worry about handing their teen car keys. Can you trust them to make the right decisions? What will they do with this type of freedom? In some cases, you also need to protect your assets. This includes your vehicle.

Some parents want to let technology help do this. You may be able to keep your family safe if you invest in a GPS unit, for example. Designed to provide communication tools, these units always give you access to where your vehicle is.

In-Car Technology

One of the most common options is an in-car GPS system. Many modern vehicles have them. These systems track the location of the vehicle at all times. Some allow owners to log into a website or app. You can see where the car is. This type of technology is ideal for protecting your assets and child wherever they go.

Added In-Car Technology

You can purchase GPS systems to add to a vehicle. If your car does not have one, this is a sensible option. You can add the device to the dashboard. It will then track location and send notifications. Some systems have built-in WiFi connectivity. Others have Bluetooth technology. Other systems gather the information, store it, and allow you to download it later.

Hidden GPS Trackers

Some vehicle owners want insight without being obvious. You want to know where your teen is. You do not want your teen to know you are looking. GPS trackers are an option. Vehicle owners can place these devices under the car’s hood or in the trunk. They ping cell phone towers to provide GPS information. You can track the location on an app.

What About Auto Insurance?

If you have a GPS tracker, let the agent know. Many companies offer discounts for this type of vehicle security. It can help in the case of a theft or accident. Some more advanced systems can track mileage, too. If your auto insurance policy is for a low mileage vehicle, this can be helpful. It lets the auto insurance agent know how many miles you are driving.

Tracking where your teen is may be important to you. Technology can help make this possible. Consider investing in it. Then, update your car insurance provider about the new security system you have on board.

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