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February 6, 2013

How a Dog Affects Home Insurance

It’s very common for families to eventually invite a fuzzy, furry, tail-wagging addition into their households. While a new puppy might just be a bundle of excitement, barking and soft fur to you and your family, to your insurance company underwriters he could be an additional risk that requires increased liability coverage and an adjustment in your premium. 

Dogs and Risks 
Eventually, puppies grow into dogs and some breeds of dog are seen as high-risk to insurance underwriters; specifically dogs with a history of biting people such as pit bulls and Rottweiler’s. While any breed of dog raised properly in a loving environment is unlikely to attack a neighbor or visitor, the sad fact is that the historical activities of some breeds have given them a reputation for being risky. 

While you may be good about leashing your new pet, enrolling in an obedience class, and keeping him or her in a fenced in yard, your insurance company must look at the addition of a dog with objective eyes turned toward the potential for liability—which could happen in just one, short incident. 

When the Dog Arrives 
Once you get your new dog, call your agent to disclose the addition and get the information to your insurance company. You may see your insurance premiums rise as result of the increased risk, and your agent may suggest that you increase your liability limits at least until you feel you know your dog’s personality better. This may be a good call as it will help to insulate your family savings from any unexpected behavioral problems. You should also remember to tell your agent of the steps you’ve taken to reduce those risks. These could result in discounts that make a significant difference. 

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