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April 3, 2012

Cheap Auto Insurance Not the Best Value

Auto insurance is not like other consumer products. While you might go to the grocery store looking for a cheap brand of paper towels or frozen vegetables, auto insurance is not a product that should be substituted with a “cheap” option; and honestly, you don’t want it to be. 

The real value of your auto coverage stems from its ability to make you whole after suffering a financial loss due to an insurable event. It also creates value by protecting you from serious liabilities that could completely wipe out your savings. 

When you purchase cheap auto insurance instead of considering the value of the policy and the protections it provides, you are looking only at the price. If you’re not careful, this can lead you to obtain a policy that does little to protect your family from the financial damages that can follow a covered incident and could mean that you forsake your savings for your premium. In addition, buying cheap auto insurance can mean that you purchase from an insurance company that does not have the financial ability to meet their promises, which adds even more potential for financial damages to your plate. 

Instead, when shopping for auto insurance, evaluate the value of the actual policy and how it can protect you, your family and your savings after an accident instead of just looking at the premium. You should also keep in mind that premiums are dynamic. They can be influenced by driving courses, safety measures and an improved driving record. By taking measures to improve your driving habits, the premium quote you get today can be reduced in the future without forsaking a policy’s actual value. 

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