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December 27, 2018

Why to Be Honest About Your Driving Record When Getting Insurance

Why to Be Honest About Your Driving Record When Getting Insurance

Are you planning to obtain a new auto insurance policy? Perhaps you are looking for quotes on an auto insurance policy to save money. When asked about your driving record, be honest. Not doing so is going to cost you in the long term. Most drivers will find car insurance even if they have a few points on their license. But, if you lie, you may not get coverage from any agent. Before you lie, consider the following about coverage.

Why Insurers Care

When you apply for auto insurance, you are asking an insurance company to take on some risk for you. While the company will profit from the plan, they do not want to take on drivers that are a high risk. This could cost them money in the long term. If they do take high risk drivers, they may increase the costs to that driver.

But, when you are not honest about your driving record, you become a high risk driver. That is, if you are not honest about this, the insurer is not sure what else you will not be honest about. Instead, put your best side forward. Provide accurate information about your accidents and driving violations.

They Will Know Anyway

You may think your insurer will not find out about an accident. After all, you did not file a claim. The problem with this type of thinking is that it is not true.

Nearly all insurance companies will check your driving record with the local DMV before issuing the policy. And, when they do, they will learn about any points on your license. They also will learn about the types of violations you have. This includes reckless driving and speeding violations. This information is essential to insurers. It allows them to determine risk.

It is better to provide accurate information up front. If you are unsure about your driving record, visit your local DMV. Request a copy of it. Remember, online quote forms for auto insurance are just that, a quote. They are an estimate. The true price to you only occurs when the auto insurance provider verifies that information against records.

Car insurance is a financial investment. It is also a legally binding contract. Be honest about it. Or, you may find you do not have coverage when you need to file a claim for your losses.

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