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January 28, 2020

What Should You Do If You See Ants On Your Car?

What Should You Do If You See Ants On Your Car?

Seeing ants on your car can be surprising, but it’s usually not too much to worry about. They’re usually just stopping by for a visit, and they won’t cause any damage that would require you to file a car insurance claim. However, to be safe, you should keep an eye on them.

Where Do Car Ants Come From?

If you see ants on your windshield, hood, or other exterior surfaces, you might have parked near an ant mound. Or you could have parked next to a tree or bush ants like to climb on. In some cases, they may have even been blown onto your car by someone blowing leaves nearby. These ants are usually just exploring the strange territory, and they will blow off your vehicle once you hit the road. You won’t see them again unless you return to the same spot. If ants come back, a good car wash can help remove any sap or sugars that might be stuck to your car and attracting the ants.

If you have ants inside of your car, they’re probably drawn to food or other trash. Treat the situation the same way you would treat ants inside of your home. Clean the area thoroughly and put down some ant traps. The ants should disappear within a few days.

The one time to worry is if ants are in your hood. Some wiring has a coating that ants like to chew. If you notice ants around your engine, spray through the front grill (not directly), and bring your car to a mechanic for an inspection.

Does Auto Insurance Cover Ant Damage?

Any interior or exterior cleaning would probably fall under routine maintenance. Therefore, it would not warrant a car insurance claim. And if it did, the claim would be less than your deductible anyway.

If you have engine damage from ants chewing on your wiring, you may be able to file a comprehensive claim (if you carry that coverage). This is going to be a close call, depending on the exact wording of your policy. You’ll also need to emphasize that the damage comes from animals, and is not a general mechanical problem that would not typically be covered.

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