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June 21, 2016

Updating Your Fire Safety Plan to Avoid Boat Insurance Claims

Boat insurance is there to protect you. There is no doubt that having a comprehensive insurance plan that provides for all of your risks is the first and most important step boat owners can take. However, there’s also the need to keep that insurance affordable. To accomplish this, property owners need to consider what steps they can take to reduce the risk of claims. One area to look at is your fire safety. Do you have a plan for managing a fire event? Do you know what steps you can take to help minimize fire risks on your boat?

Fire Safety for Boats

As a boat owner, responsible care is essential when it comes to keeping boat insurance claims and costs to a minimum. To do that, consider these fire safety tips and steps.

  • Ensure you have properly working and in-place fire and smoke alarms. Check these at least every three months to ensure they are working. If your boat is away for a period of time or you have kept it in storage, check your systems to ensure they are working.
  • Create an evacuation plan. Depending on the size and type of boat, it is important that you have a step-by-step plan for helping people to get off the boat if a fire breaks out.
  • Keep high risk items off the boat. For example, do not use camping-style equipment for cooking or heating on the boat. Choose only boat-approved products, as these can help to minimize risks on the boat, especially from things like table-top grills from falling over.
  • Have your engine inspected. Many boat insurance claims for fire come from the engine. Properly caring for it and maintaining it helps reduce these risks. You should have it properly inspected before high use season and have it winterized prior to putting it away for the season.
  • Only use portable gas equipment that is designed for use on a boat. And be sure all of your fuel usage and storage is safe at all times.

    Taking these steps now can help you prevent fires and prevent the worst outcome from them. This can help to reduce your boat insurance claims and help to reduce your overall costs.

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