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May 15, 2018

Is Driving with Pets Safe or Too Much Risk?

Is Driving with Pets Safe or Too Much Risk?

Many people like to give their dogs a ride in the car. Pets like it, too. However, dogs can be dangerous for many reasons. You do not want to have to file car insurance claims due to an accident related to your pet.

Does that mean you cannot take your pet for a ride? You do not have to give it up. But, you should consider a few steps to make driving with pets safe.

What Is the Problem?

A key reason to worry about pets in the vehicle is the distraction they cause. AAA found that 29 percent of people admit that pets were a distraction while driving.

Some of the other survey results might raise concerns as well. For example, 17 percent of people admit the pet sits on the driver’s lap. About 13 percent gave food or treats to the dog while driving. These risks divide the driver’s attention. Your auto insurance may cover some claims for accidents related to pets. But, it is better to avoid them instead.

How to Keep Pets Safe

Avoid being a distracted driver. Do not let your pet become a risk to you. To do this, consider a few tips.

  • Use a restraint system. These help stop the pet from moving too much. They also protect the pet if the vehicle stops hard.
  • Always keep the pet in the back seat. The force of an airbag can be deadly. Pets can also fall into the dashboard. This can cause serious, life-threatening injuries.
  • It is possible to purchase padded harnesses. They work along with the seat belt to keep the pet secure. They can be comfortable, too.
  • Some owners of small dogs may wish to choose a basket-style holder. This fits into the seat to provide protection.
  • For larger dogs, in larger vehicles, place them in a crate when possible. This protects the pet from jolts in the vehicle.


Your furry little one’s safety matters, so it is important to protect your pet. Pets can be a form of distracted driving. This is one of the most common reasons for car accidents today. You do not want to have to file an auto insurance claim for this type of accident.

You can protect your pet, though, with proper tools to keep him or her in place. This gives you peace of mind, too. You will know your pet is safe. And, you can still take your pet with you wherever you would like to go.

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