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February 12, 2019

How to Improve Parking Lot Safety to Minimize Damage to Your Vehicle

How to Improve Parking Lot Safety to Minimize Damage to Your Vehicle

You visit a location, park your car, and go in. Do you think twice about the area or whether your car is safe? In some situations, parking lots can create a significant risk for a vehicle. No one is around. If an accident occurs, you may face damages you have to pay out of your pocket. Or, perhaps, you may have to file an auto insurance claim. To avoid this, choose the right parking lot and be sure to park safely. How do you do that?

Where You Park Matters

Parking lots can be dangerous areas. People are walking, cars are zipping around corners, and your vehicle lacks protection.

If an accident occurs in a parking lot, the driver of the other vehicle has the responsibility to try to find you. They may be able to file a report with the police. Sometimes, they leave a note.

Yet, in other cases, this does not happen. The other driver simply leaves. Without cameras or witnesses, you end up having to pay for the losses of this hit-and-run. You do not want to face this if you can avoid it. For that reason, consider these tips.

#1: Park away from others if you can

It’s best to park at a distance from walkways or the entrance to the building. This is inconvenient for many people.

Yet, parking at a distance means fewer cars around you. This may help to reduce some risk of accidents. If you have a larger-than-normal vehicle, make a point to park away from the crowds.

#2: Don’t squeeze in

Your auto insurance is not likely to cover damage from the dings from shopping carts or similar events. In other words, if the space is too tight, you are likely to have some damage to your vehicle. To avoid this, choose an open space. This is best even if you have to walk a bit to get to it.

#3: Park under lights

Whenever possible, position your vehicle under security lights. This is important to do at night. Vehicle break-ins can occur for many reasons. Yet, thieves are always more likely to strike an easy target. By parking under the lights, your vehicle might have more protection.

Do you have car insurance for such parking lot claims? This depends on the type of auto insurance you have. Be sure to talk to your agent about your coverage. If you need to file a claim, they can help you do so. Keep in mind the importance of choosing a plan that offers both collision and comprehensive insurance.

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