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July 8, 2011

Homeowners insurance regulations take effect- California

This article by the Sacramento Business Journal explains a new regulation that will impact every California Homeowner.  It may mean that all consumers will pay a higher premium to insure their home than in the past. If you have any questions, please contact a Cliff Cottam Insurance Agent to discuss your coverage. 

By Kelly Johnson, Staff writer

New statewide homeowners insurance regulations took effect Monday that, depending upon who you believe, either protect consumers against under being insured or restrict the ability of insurers to enlighten homeowners about their coverage.

California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones announced the new regs Monday along with Amy Bach, executive director of United Policyholders.

The new regulations were adopted, Jones said in a release, to improve the standards and training for estimating the replacement value on homeowners’ insurance in the event of a disaster. They also were meant to reduce the common problem of homeowners buying too little coverage.

Two Sacramento-based insurance trade associations, however, contend that the regulations restrict communications between insurers and policyholders, are anti-consumer and inconsistent with California law.

The Association of California Insurance Companies and the Personal Insurance Federation of California filed a lawsuit a few weeks ago in Los Angeles County to stop a piece of the regulations. The associations object to insurance companies having to use a formula and particular words when talking to customers about home insurance, and being subjected to discipline if they deviate from those words.

“There are many more helpful ways than one to talk with a customer about the purchase of homeowners’ insurance,” the associations said. The Department of Insurance’s “approach just sets a technical trap to punish perfectly legitimate conduct. “

“These regulations will go a long way toward ensuring that consumers who are victims of a disaster, such as a wildfire, are able to get the financial relief to rebuild their homes and their lives, while also doing much to ensure that homeowners are not underinsured” Jones said in the release. “It’s devastating enough to lose your house to a disaster, but not to receive adequate funds to replace it just adds insult to injury.”


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