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June 2, 2011

Foreclosing on a Bunch of Snakes

Here is an interesting article we came across – – by Al Lewis. 

Commentary: Oh, serpents! Thought you said it had servants


For sale: Nice house, large kitchen, several thousand snakes included.

They say there are snake pits on Wall Street.  Chase has learned there are snake pits on Main Street too.

Last year, the J.P. Morgan Chase banking unit foreclosed on a home near Rexburg, Idaho, that is infested with garter snakes.

They slide through the yard, the crawl space, the walls, the ceilings, even across the floors. Sure, they’re harmless, but there are perhaps thousands of them. They give off malodorous secretions when alarmed, and can even leave the well water tasting a bit like the way they smell.Two families have fled the house in scenes reminiscent of horror-film classics. One turned to a local TV station in 2006 to document the infestation, complaining of not being able to sleep at night. The video is still available on YouTube and is doing absolutely nothing for sales. Watch the video on snakes in the house.

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