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March 12, 2020

Does Your Auto Insurance Cover Your Camper Trailer?

Does Your Auto Insurance Cover Your Camper Trailer?

When you tow a camper trailer, you want to know that your car insurance protects you. It typically will give you some protection, but there are a few things you need to know.

Liability Coverage

When you tow a camper trailer or other trailer, the most common rule is that your liability protection will extend to driving while towing. If you cause an accident, you’d have the same liability coverage and limits as your auto insurance would give you when you weren’t towing.

The first thing to check is that the general rule applies to your insurance policy. Some insurance policies exclude towing. This is especially true if you’ve modified a car or light SUV that doesn’t come equipped for towing from the manufacturer.

Next, consider if you have enough coverage. Towing a camper trailer means your overall vehicle is heavier, it takes longer to stop, and it’s harder to steer. This increases your risk of an auto accident. In addition, a heavier total size means that the resulting damage from an accident would likely be larger. You may wish to increase your car insurance liability limits to account for this additional risk.

Collision Coverage

Your auto insurance policy may come with a small amount of coverage for accident damage to your trailer. You may also have an option to add coverage. These coverages are often designed for the type of trailer you’d use to haul a lawnmower. A camper trailer can be worth far more than your built-in coverage, so you may need to insure it separately.

Comprehensive Coverage

Your main car insurance policy may or may not provide comprehensive coverage for your camper trailer, and if it does, it may only apply when it’s attached to your truck. It could also have a much lower limit than you need. This would leave you unprotected from theft and non-accident damage. You can get full coverage with separate trailer insurance.

Personal Property

Your camping gear, cooking equipment, clothes, and everything else in your camper trailer needs personal property coverage in case of theft or damage. Your auto insurance or home insurance policies may provide some coverage but generally not enough for the full value of everything loaded into a full camper trailer. If you can’t add enough coverage to your car insurance policy, you can buy it with trailer insurance.

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