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August 9, 2011

Cost-effective ways to insure a teenage driver

Becoming licensed to drive is a high priority for most teenagers. Driving a car fulfills their need to transition from child to adult, sort of. Unfortunately, with all the cars on the road today, teenagers are “accident prone.”

Accident statistics paint a graphic picture

Our future leaders have a woeful driving record when they’re first licensed. Their inexperience behind the wheel and on the roadways appears to result in disturbing numbers of auto accidents.

A troubling statistical example: Auto accidents are the leading cause of death in young people ages 15 through 20. Another statistic displays the value of more maturity and driving experience: 16-year olds are three times more likely to have an auto accident than 19-year olds. Teenage drivers age 16 are involved in around 35 accidents per million miles driven, while 19-year olds get into approximately 12 auto crashes per million miles.

These results – and many other statistics – generate increases of 50 percent to 200 percent in your insurance premiums the moment you add your teenage driver to your auto policy. When you compare insurance quotes, you may suffer “sticker shock” at first. Auto insurance rates spike regardless of your own stellar driving record, insurance company, or coverage levels.

While it still makes sense to compare auto insurance rates to find the best option, all major companies base their insurance quotes on these statistics. Even if your teenager appears to be more focused, careful, and conservative than his/her peers, you will pay a steep price for the first driving years. You can, however, save some money with auto insurance quotes by learning the conditions that lower premiums

How to reduce the cost of insuring your teenage driver 

Learn how your insurance company matches household drivers and autos.

This factor could save you or cost you hundreds of dollars per year. If you have two cars and three drivers, your insurance company may or may not assign your teenager as the driver of the more expensive auto. Insist that your child be assigned to the less expensive (to buy AND repair) car. Tell them that he/she is not permitted to use the new Jaguar, but must drive the 6-year old Ford. In some cases, it’s cheaper to buy your teenager an old “beater.”

Be sure your teenager completes a “Driver’s Ed” course.

You should save between five percent and 15 percent, even though statistics don’t indicate that these courses reduce the volume of teenage accidents.

Cost-effective ways to insure a teenage driver

Strongly urge your teenager to maintain a “B” average in high school.

While everyone loves the safety and features of new cars, the costs to insure many models are another source of insurance quotes shock. You can often save hundreds of dollars per year matching your new driver with an older vehicle. 
Read more:  http://www.e-wisdom.com/news/insurance/auto-insurance/cost-effective-ways-to-insure-a-teenage-driver-110230016/

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