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December 18, 2017

Beware of Porch Pirates!

Tired of worrying if your UPS package will get stolen or lost from your front door or porch?

Guess what! You are not alone. According to package theft statistics, each year more than 23 million Americans have their packages stolen. Travelers claim data shows that, on average, more thefts occur on Black Friday than any other day of the year. Not only that, but personal identity theft can also increase this time of year.

It’s called “Porch Pirating” when a thief steals delivered packages from your doorstep or porch. Thieves follow delivery trucks, waiting for the perfect targets. These thieves commonly strike during working hours as many homes are empty at that time.

Fortunately, we have a bunch of effective tips to help prevent your package from being stolen from front door or porch, especially this holiday season.

1.Have Packages Delivered to Your Workplace

We’ve all heard people complain about package thieves or bad neighbors sneaking around and stealing drop-off deliveries. Or carefree mailman or carriers leaving packages on the front door without checking if anyone is home and pre-signing your delivery without your consent. But if you have your package delivered to your office then you’ll be there to get your package and stop your package from being stolen or missing. 

2. Install a Front Door Security Camera to Prevent Package Theft

If you’ve been a victim of Porch Pirates in the past, or want to add a little peace of mind that nobody has been snooping around your house, a security camera can put your mind at ease.

Security cameras pointing at your front door, hallway or driveway is better than no camera at all. It’s all about making your home look more secure than the other houses on your block that is the best way to deter not only package thieves but any thief. A security camera will serve as a great deterrent for criminals, especially visible HD security camera. Sometimes just posting a sign that anyone who approaches is being recorded is enough to deter a criminal.

3. Require a Signature on Delivery

Many customers are often upset about a delivery man signing the unauthorized packages and leaving them wide open on the porch or doorstep, making them desirable for a package snatcher to make a quick escape. Ask for signature delivery. Signature-required delivery must be strictly followed by couriers. If your package was left unattended, or even worse, lost, because they didn’t follow your delivery request. Delivery companies are liable to legal actions and you are entitled to a full refund or replacement if you didn’t get a proof of delivery when you request delivery by signature.

4. Use Smart Package Lockers or Convenience Store

Still not convinced these tools can prevent your package being stolen from your front porch, try using Amazon Locker!

Amazon now allows you to pick up your delivery in Amazon Locker in select locations with a unique code, which you punch into the machine to retrieve your package. When putting down your shipping address on Amazon, check out if the Amazon locker is available in your region or not. If so, the Amazon locker will be the safest and convenient place to secure your Amazon package.

If you don’t have an Amazon Locker near you, and you’re a frequent online shopper, use The UPS Store, check the availability of lockers in nearby convenience stores, Kiosks or buy your own digital locker to secure your package or share a locker with your neighbors or friends.

5. Insure Your Upcoming Packages

Insuring your precious Christmas packages in the first place will guarantee you reimbursement if unfortunately, your delivery was stolen or lost before you lay your hand on it.


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