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April 5, 2018

Annual Home System Checkups Can Minimize Risk to Your Home

Annual Home System Checkups Can Minimize Risk to Your Home

Keeping your home in good condition is a goal and responsibility of every homeowner. You have home insurance to help minimize losses that you cannot prevent.

This type of policy covers unexpected and accidental risks. It does not cover incidents that result from the normal wear and tear of your home. It also does not provide financial coverage for damage caused by poor maintenance and upkeep. That’s why it is so important to keep your home in good shape. Document this, too. It can help prove that your incident was not a direct result of poor upkeep.

Home Heating and Cooling Systems
Each year, usually before the high-use season, have your home’s heating and cooling systems inspected. Choose a licensed and insured technician. They will ensure the motor and all working components are in good condition. He or she will perform a maintenance check according to manufacturer recommendations. This technician can help you to learn how to properly clean filters and offer advice on upgrades.

Hot Water Heaters
Hot water heaters require ongoing maintenance, too. A plumber can come to your home to inspect them. You can also use the owner’s manual to follow all proper maintenance tasks for the system. This often includes draining sediment from them. It may include other steps to ensure the system is working well. Monitor them for any water leakage. If the system is not up to code, talk to a plumber about replacing the system with one that is.

Gas and Water Lines
Your licensed and certified plumber can also help you with your gas and water lines. Be sure they flow well. You may need to have the lines leading away from your home, including all sewers, flushed every year or two. You also want to ensure all gas lines are in good condition. This should be occur an annual basis.

Electrical Systems
Your electricity requires a full inspection every few years. If your home is over 30 years old, have a full inspection. Be sure your home’s electrical panel is up to date and fits the amount of usage your home requires. New technology can strain systems, putting them at risk.

Taking these steps can help to minimize your risk of needing to file a home insurance claim in the near future. It can also help you to avoid risks to your home throughout the coming year.

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