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May 26, 2020

3 Reasons to Review Your Home Insurance Today

3 Reasons to Review Your Home Insurance Today

It’s easy for people to get in the habit of paying their insurance bills without thinking much about them. After all, it’s a rote statement that comes every month that you likely don’t even look at. But there’s danger in doing taking this approach because a policy was never meant to be a static document. By definition, it was designed to be ever evolving because nothing stays the same. We’ll look at three reasons to review your policy today.

When You Upgrade the Property

The value of your home changes whenever you make a major upgrade to it. Whether you renovate the bathroom or add a second story, your insurance carrier needs to be kept up to date about everything from the materials you’re using to the estimated expenses of the updates. When a property can take years for improvements to come together, not every homeowner realizes just how important it is to ensure that it’s all covered should something happen to it.

When Your Possessions Grow

The first property you ever own likely took a major chunk of your budget. As you swallowed the expenses of everything from the down payment to the closing costs, there might not have been much leftover. Many residents tend to severely undervalue how many possessions they own. But between the jewelry, clothing, and high-tech gear everywhere, you likely have more than you realize. You’ll need to increase the limits of your coverage if you want to replace it all in case it’s destroyed in a natural disaster (or taken by an opportunistic criminal).

When You Want More Protection

There are certain things that aren’t covered under standard home insurance policies. Events like earthquakes and floods are generally not a part of comprehensive coverage. If you don’t’ want to worry about what the weather will bring, you may want to add a rider to your policy. This specialized form of protection is perfect for those who want to match their insurance plan to their priorities.

If you’re concerned about whether to review your home insurance policy, it’s usually best to call your carrier and ask questions directly. The employees can tell you more about whether it’s worth it to increase your protection and when you can leave well enough alone.

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